Café Momentum

After a long day at the Dallas Fair we took the train back downtown and since we did not have any plans for dinner, we went looking for one. Looked into a couple however everything was packed, after all it was Saturday night after the Fair so we did not expect empty chairs.

By chance we stopped by Café Momentum across from Thanks Giving Square (map) and was greeted very nicely, they put us on a waiting list for about 30 minutes and just on time the table was ready for some hungry people. Now I would normally describe the food more detailed, however the food was excellent and even the 7-year old we had with us emptied the plate.

However the most impressive part of the whole visit, because when we sat down and read the words on the back the menu everything became special.

The most impressive to me that separates this place to everything else, was the fact that most workers are young people that had nothing growing up and needs mentoring. And companies that give so much back to people and public really stands out and is worth visiting, and as mentioned the food was great.

We did get the personal feeling when one waiter came to us and asked about the food. He was very service minded and since we like to talk to new people, it was easy to get started. He came to TX when he was supposed to be in 3rd grade, and he had a really hard time working out what age it was. A few other sentences did reveal that the past had not been gentle to him, however he did take a good grip and was standing there giving great service and learning. At Momentum the trainee gets more responsibility and duties in order to grow.

This was truly a highlight in our visit to Dallas and will be worth a return trip at any time. So next time in Dallas you should as well stop by, however if you do not call ahead it will more than likely be a waiting list for the tables. A lot of people seemed to enjoy this place, and everyone visiting was dressed with care and showed Texans in a great way.