Christmas shopping in Budapest


November 10th to December 31 Budapest will have the yearly Chrismas Market ready at Vörösmarty Square at the end of Vaci Utca. The market place will be filled with wooden stalls containing wine, handcraft, jewelry, hats, food (Langos, soup, candy, cakes) and activity for young and old. It is truly a special feeling that will get anyone that visit the city, a proper christmas experience and feeling. When the sun goes down and the lights from the stands, smell of the fresh traditional food and buzing of people and life becomes alive. You will truly catch the feeling given by Budapest and Hungary.

With Donau dividing the city of Budapest in natural and calming way, with Buda on one side (hilly and somewhat steep) and Pest on the other (Flat and containing most of the shopping streets). Budapest will present the diversity needed to add the experience to your christmas shopping.

The famous historical Piaz with fresh food of all kinds, souvernier, hand made traditional items and good location is popular, the location next to the river and at the entrance of one of the best shopping streets makes it a very good starting point.


By Sztudva Gyöngyi, CC BY-SA 3.0,

If you are looking for christmas presents of simply want a different christmas experience, the city has all the variations of shopping experience you will ever need.  West End Mall, the Vaci Utca (shopping street) and Szentendre just outside of the capitol provides different ways of enjoying the trip, and the cuisine is at it’s very best. Finding a mall in Budapest is not difficult as there are a good options on both sides of the river. With a bit of planning it will be easy to combine a cultural experience such as the Buda Castle with shopping while walking or taking a bus to or from the castle.

West end Mall is located just a few blocks apart from the river so to stroll along the river towards the mall, buying a pair of your favourite Levis or getting a special present for a relative and then going back through Vaci Utca is a very good option. The choice of fast food of any kind, or Hungarian food is for anyone to make, however the Hungarian food is a excellent choice to make. Most of the food from Hungarian kitchen is a blend of meat, vegetables and spices that creates a balanced, fresh taste and desserts and cakes to match.



Flights to Budapest will for most visitors be easy since it is in the heart of Europe. As an example, Ryanair takes you from London to Budapest in about 2 hours. Downtown is a easy ride either by taxi or hotel shuttle bus (check if the hotel have one), and once close to downtown the Metro and trams will take you wherever needed unless you pefer to walk. Arriving to Budapest, the airport Liszt Ferenc will be prefered.

The language spoken is in the majority Hungarian, and the newer generation is getting good at speaking English. There may however be situations where the international, famous finger language have to be engaged in order to buy something. The currency is Forint and cash is always recommended to bring along, since a lot of the small both, handcraft sales areas or other may only accept the cash.


The overall experience of a Christmas shopping or just the experience in Budapest should get you in just the right mood and relaxation needed for this season. Looking more detailed into the city you will find a lot of culture, malls, spa, public pools, public ice skating areas, museums or anything else for your personality. The prices are very affordable and the people are helpfull in any way they can.


So do not waste another minute, take a look at some offers for a few days to add some value to your life and the season. Travel is one of (if not the) best way to give meaningfull memories, and we all deserve it.


Enjoy your Chrismas in Budapest!!