Luxury travel luggage



Why should you really compromise on the luxury of luggage? The feeling of using a quality, hand made and luggage with style really makes the a trip more personal and easier to enjoy. On top of that, quality do pay off regarding to the value and lifespan of the suitcase since the build quality will equal to a longer lasting suitcase.

When who you are and how you would like to feel is the number one priority there are some brands that will support you when travelling or ensure your own quality dedication in anything when giving out business cards or appearing in a important business meeting.

Gucci, Maxwell Scott, and Saddleback Leather Co.  (with 100 year warranty) are three of the exclusive luggage brands that will meet your expectations and give you the value and feeling worthy. Luxury travel luggage will add the confidence in quality, appearance and integrity of the owner.

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Here are some options:



Gucci Supreme carry on do put a recognition of a person with respect and quality in mind. It does come with a fabric lining and leather coating with the quality build from Italy. Gucci (as you more than likely know) would not be respected if they did not give the customer satisfaction of the Luxury level. They do not seem to make all kinds of travel accessory, only the once that really matter for their level of quality and perfection. Gucci Men’s Wheel Brown Supreme Canvas Carry-On Suitcase Luggage 293908 Large The Supreme Carry on version will put a signature in you hand wherever you bring it.

Gucci Exclusive items:

Maxwell Scott

Maxwell Scott do deliver a very wide range of high quality, personal accessories for travel and everyday use. Hardcase or Traditional briefcase, card holder, Leather Wallets or Carry On luggage Maxwell Scott will satisfy the higher standards you demand. The Luxury hand luggage suitcase, (Maxwell Scott Luxury Brown Leather Suitcase with Wheels (The Piazzale) – One Size will show the quality of the brand.

They also do encourage you to instruct them regarding the personal preferences and have no problems providing initials in gold, this do put the customer and product into the class of designer luggage. The style is clean, with very classic and detailed look down to the details of buckles, although do have dedicated compartments for tablets or your phone. A 25 year warranty just adds to the value of owning one of these proffessional and high end items. The beauty of their profile is that if you prefer, you may keep the same line of luxury and presentation regardless of the situation. Paying for flowers and jewellery, going in style for a meeting, handing out bussiness cards or travel the accessory from this company will support your own personality in a great way.

Maxwell Scott Luxury:


Saddleback Leather Co. really go all in for quality and endurance when it comes to luxury. They provide 100 year warranty on products and it really shows that they have made a durable, exclusive but yet a bit more rough looking selection of luggage than Maxwell Scott provide. Saddleback Leather Co. can provide you with everything from business card holder to full size suitcase that will withstand time. The style of their products do lean towards a outback/country style however in a way that will make a good impression even in a New York CEO office, so if it so fit your preferences and you are looking for something that will confirm your integrity they will more than likely have the selection to back up your exclusive life. They do provide Ornaments, laptop briefcase, personal fashion, suitcases and more to accomodate your personality check out Saddleback Leather Hardside Briefcase – 100% Full Grain, Hard Shell Executive Leather Briefcase with 100 Year Warranty.” target=”_blank”>their briefcase and browse the other options they provide.  How about the 27″ suitcase with no zippers or any other easily breakable parts, one of many that may confirm the durability.

Saddleback Leather Co. Luxury:


It is time to invest in yourself and get the luxury feeling.