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Some of the most common travel issues are related to getting from your home to the destination and back. Once the arrival has taken place either at home or the travel destination things may be re-planned or altered in some way.

The problem ususally occurs on the airport where both time and resources are few and far between. Working in this industry this really never gets old fasion and anywhere or at any level of travel there will be an incident. The problem most of the time is that when a trip is booked everything is left in a relaxed mode until a day or two before the travel actually happens, and panic sets in when the passport has expired.

We do know that most issues will be resolved with some planning and routines, the same goes for how much is really needed for the trip.
Most places have some sort of solution that will make it possible to do laundry, which cuts down on how heavy your suitcase needs to be.
I do get amazed by the frequent flyers since they very ofte just carries a hand luggage and a small suitcase, the not so frequent flyer brings the biggest suitcase available and has to struggle due to the weight/size regulations on planes. I have done this when becoming a dad and believing that kids need a lot more stuff. Truth being told, kids do not play in the mud on every vacation day and if going to a warm place with a water park do not need a stack of jeans, long sleeved shirts or big shoe selection.
So just try to think back on your previous trip and remember how much was left untouched or how much was added to the suitcase content while travelling. Many people buy a new item to wear during their travel and wear it the next day.

Let me use jeans as an example. You will be gone for 5 days and bring 3 pair of jeans to have enough, already when planning the trip it most likely comes to mind that it would be nice to buy a pair of jeans during the vacation since they are cheaper than at home. So you buy 2 pairs during the holiday. Now 5 pairs has to come home with you on the return flight. 
How about bringing 1 pair and plan for the shopping day to be in the begining of the trip, buy 2 pairs and have only 3 to bring home. It might just be enough to save you from paying the extra fee for over weight suitcase.
This goes for just about anything, so if there is anything you know will be bought during the trip then do not bring a lot of it from home! Make sense?

There are two things I really dislike when travelling, number one is to not plan for a extra cup of coffee, dinner when transferring from one flight to the other. The other one is to bring big suitcases. The trip should not create more work and stress than a day at work, the work created by a trip should be made prior to the day you leave. My way of travel is that when entering the airport it is time to relax, forget daily stress, leave the things you can not control behind me and let the airline, hotel or other services take care of me and my trip. I should not focus on the trip while travelling, I should focus on the experience and the opportunity it gives to do things that can not be done or experienced elsewhere. This may be getting some of my work done, sleeping, reading a long forgotten book, looking out the window an down on the earth below, enjoying a drink and the list goes on.
The only thing I do not worry about or even think about when travelling is the travel itself, because the primary services, items or documents have been arranged and checked ahead of time.

So a checklist is very important and until you have it stuck in the brain, it may be helpfull to have it in a written version. I do know that it may seem like “travel for dummies” on a few details, but trust me when believing that if they are missed it will either cost you money, time and/or frustration. And please check the list and add your own details since it will vary with personality, purpose of the trip etc.

The important part is to start on the list as soon as the ticket is bought since passports, visa and such may take some time to acheive and it to set a minimum amount of money to spend on the trip will be usefull and a great goal for saving money efficient. 



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Enjoy your trip planning.


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