Time to Escape again!

Don’t be afraid to jump into a trip that have been your dream for a long time!! The sooner a trip has been booked it will act as a jewel to harness in the future.

My mom is an expert in this area of travelling and it creates all the reward needed to make your job, hobby or anything else in life worth the time and effort. I do believe that we will agree on the fact that travelling is fun, interesting and will add a great feeling!

How would you feel if a plane lifted off the ground in the near future with you onboard on it’s way to ______________ (Fill in your setination)?


Personaly I do love flying and find it the most relaxing when the plane puts the nose into the sky since from that point on, my worries and plans have to be put on hold and a few hours to eliminate and disconnect from the daily stress is no longer available. The dream trip officially started.

Where to start:

  1. Think of where you would like to visit, and have had a desire to visit
  2. Decide on when you want to be at that place
  3. Spend a bit of time on a website to check out hotels, airlines to choose etc. My favourite would be booking.com
  4. Order the trip (the earlier the cheaper)
  5. Start getting ready for a the well deserved life of your dreams

What to expect

My first response to this is that life is too short to skip the discovery and avoid the experience of a different culture. Stay safe at all times and love the culture at the place you are.

I have travelled across the USA without a plan. The first time was a few years back, with nothing but a small suitcase and a plane ticket from Philadelphia to Jackson Hole. I then spent 2 weeks with bus and train ot get around and end up in Los Angeles. However a short weekend flight to a city will often be just perfect.

So get started today with increasing your feeling of Life and Living again.

Christmas is just around the corner. It may just be the perfect time to either go Christmas shoping or travel to a new place. I often use xmas as a way to get a loving feeling and add to the xmas feeling for a long time.

So get your dreams moving and check out a ticket to a place. Give yourself this special feeling again and expand your history. The world we live in now is perfect for this!! You are special an so treat yourself as such:-)