What airline to I choose

Easy. The best one!!  And when going through the lists generated by Skytrax, Worldairlinereport, Fortune and a few more tells a story that sort of changed my reasoning why people in Europe choose what they do.

My way of travelling is to accept a higher cost in trade of service and security for the trip, so choosing airlines with a code-share system so they can book me on a partner airliner if anything happens to their own flight or systems. Having meals included, newspaper ready, staff trained what they have to know etc. counts for my part.

So this is what I started to check out when comparing the pages having some sort of list with best airlines.

And this is really good news for those who live in Asia!! They truly know how to run an airliner so the customer feels special and cared for.


Top 10 airlines:

FORTUNE:                                         SKYTRAX:


  1. Singapore airlines                              Qatar
  2. Emirates                                               Singapore Airlines
  3. Qatar                                                     ANA Nippon Airways
  4. Cathay                                                   Emirates
  5. Japan Airlines                                     Cathay Pacific
  6. Virgin Atlantic                                    EVA Air
  7. Air New Zealand                                Lufthansa
  8. Korean Air                                           Etihad Airways
  9. All Nippon Airways                           Hainan Airlines
  10. Eva Air                                                 Garuda Indonesia

So this is pretty interesting, out of 20 ranked top 10 airlines, 18 are from Asia and this is truly something to question why, and that will be another post on this page. Because here is the problem. If you live in i.e Europe and would like to go west, there are really only 2 choices.

A trip from OSL to Texas is not even possible to book with Qatar or many others for a good reason. Who wants to travel for hours the wrong direction for a connecting flight, and in my opinion this opens up the world for low cost carriers in Europe. Since the traditional and more costly solutions can not deliver top quality, how much is there to loose with flying a low cost solution with a newer fleet of aircrafts?

The difference will be in the passengers wanting to fly Business Class, First Class or similar solutions that the low cost simply do not have. Those who want to be productive and have privacy during the long haul flight, keep the higher level of service sustained and include lounges at the airports and other benefits included in the airfare.

The other part is level of service. At the top airlines the cabin crew do not work for the airline, they work for the customer. No difference in where the seat is located or the price of it, they deliver more than expected to the passengers and this is why they win the game.

I am not the right one to judge if it is a cultural reason, managment or training system or even the combination of those that make staff and system perform. But there should be no question of the fact that the western part of this world needs to learn from the east. If not, the low cost airlines combined with the Asian airlines will change the competition into their own benefit.

Because who really wants to fly with anything but the safest, most service minded, newest aircrafts and best problem solvers? I would pick from the “best”-list rather than saving a little bit on the price. Convenience, quality and value always beats cheap when travelling on my list.